About Us

ServoHydraulic Pouya one of the first specialized company in Iran offering products and services in the field of Hydraulic, Pnumatic, Fuel and Electromechanic equipments and systems. It has been established with the goal of localizing knowledge and overcoming the technological restrictions in the field of equipment and advanced systems used in varios industries such as: Aviation, Power Plants, Turbine Components, Marine etc.
The majority of our experiences have been formed based on our customers’ demands and by contraction; however, we did not limit our company to this and introduced our first general product to the market in 2012 and yet we are expanding our activities in general market.

Appreciation plaque from Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company for manufacturing aviation industries parts, Premier Entrepreneur title for Tehran province and selected Entrepreneur in 2010 Youth National Festival, Premier Designer title in 2012 National Creativity and Innovation Festival, Hi-Tech certificate from Hi-Tech Industries Organization, license of establishing the first Iranian industrial and mineral research center specialized in hydraulic control systems, license of utilization, technological, research and development from Iranian Mineral and Industrial Organization, certificate of Quality Management System ISO9001:2008 from TUV NORD.

ServoHydraulic Pouya, benefiting from more than 45 expert personnel graduated from leading Iranian universities, has had several experiences in cooperation with Iranian aviation, marine aerospace, petroleum and gas, petrochemistry, steel, etc. industries, and our abilities and experiences are not limited to our personnel since we have close cooperation with professors of leading Iranian universities to overcome technological difficulties in industrial projects.

Respect towards our customers, creating value added for them, for the investors and for the company’s personnel along with generating high quality products are our key principles.