Design & Development

The design and engineering unit at the Servo Hydraulic Pooya has successfully harnessed a combination of knowledge, experience and creativity to design and manufacture several advanced products to cater for industrial needs. The process involves several steps and phases, the most important of which are:

Concept generation

  • Conducting market research to identify, and plan to meet, existing and future needs
  • Generation of ideas and conceptualization using such tools as brain storming, trigger words, morphological charts and mind mapping
  • Study and assessment of potential bottlenecks in technical knowledge, manufacturing technology, production process, equipment, etc.
  • Conducting technical and economic feasibility studies and selection of preferred strategy on the basis of cost, time and technological capability

  • Review and study of all documentation and mandatory standards
  • Preliminary design of modules and principal system components
  • Detail design and designing each subset until preliminary plans and models are reached
  • Detailed design of producible components until final plans and models are attained
  • Careful selection of procurable components
  • Designing appropriate testers if needed

  • Establishing specialized working groups to resolve scientific/technical bottlenecks and determine the problem-solving strategy
  • Ordering and procurement of available components (standard/consumable/….)
  • Proceeding to build producible components (prototype batch production)
  • Technical preparation and provisioning for production, quality control and testing of component/ subsystems/product
  • Putting together the manufacturing process in terms of prototyping, quality control procedures, etc.
  • Prototype assembly and function tests

  • Analysis, sensitivity analysis, simulation and optimization to improve the quality of raw materials, manufacturing processes, quality control procedures and component performance to attain standard requirements

• Performing various tests of operating and environmental conditions, product lifespan, reliability, etc. to obtain the necessary certifications