Test Bench & Advanced Systems

In addition to equipment and component production, the Servo Hydraulic Pooya Company has considerable capability in the design and manufacture of a wide range of testers, simulators, advanced electromechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and fuelling systems, having produced numerous such products. The company’s range of activity in systems production is very wide and can be categorised as:

  • Functional testers
  • Environmental testers
  • Process automation systems
  • Various types of actuators
  • Power packs and power units
  • Hydraulic Power Transmission Systems


In order to produce systems and complex sets, the Servo Hydraulic Pooya Company has assembled a set of capabilities, as follows:

  • Designation or identification of relevant standards
  • Design and simulation of the testing process
  • Design, simulation and production of hydraulic and pneumatic circuits required by the system
  • Design, modelling and manufacture of mechanical equipment
  • Design, simulation and implementation of control system and data collection
  • Design, modelling and implementation of the electric power system
  • Design, programming and generation of control software user interface and display of data and processes
  • Mastering the identification and use of special sensors
  • Mastering the identification and use of servo motors and high revolution engines
  • Accurate and rapid provision of special equipment and sensors
  • Analysis, design and production of required connectors
  • Assembly, installation and running of testing, automation, security and power transmission systems