High Precision Manufacturing

The manufacturing and production unit has used systematic procedures to analyse and understand the component under study. By expanding and developing processes, the unit has accomplished the manufacture of products using cutting edge technology.

High Precision MFG
High Precision MFG

Manufacturing processes:

  • Identification and analysis of raw material with respect to the manufacturing process
  • Designing the manufacturing process with respect to existing equipment and technology
  • Modification and completion of plans to obtain prototype validation and/or improve product performance
  • Design and construction of specific tools, templates, constraints, production commands and equipment and dimensional and geometrical inspection
  • Design, planning and execution of pre-production
  • Production process planning and quality control
  • Using advanced technology and sensitive experts to conduct various specific surface operations on components, including various coatings, passivation of various types of stainless steel, different surface hardening methods, etc.
  • Lapping capability up to 0.1 μm on internal and external geometries and flat, cylindrical and curved surfaces