MRO Center

Aviation Component Maintenance Center

SERVOHYD Aviation Component MRO provide maintenance services for commercial aircraft engine fuel nozzles as per OEM Component Maintenance Manual regarding CAO.IRI.Part-145 regulations. At the present time, we provide Complete Inspection, Check & Test, Repair and Overhaul of Engine Fuel Nozzles to airlines and engine MRO.


Various Aircraft Engine Fuel Nozzles Assy. /Fuel Manifold Adapter:

  • Tay 650-15 Engine
  • V2500 Family Engine
  • JT8D Family Engine
  • CFM 56 Family Engine
  • CF6 Family Engine
  • LF507/ALF502 Family Engine
  • PW100 Family Engine
  • GTCP 36-150 Engine

Passenger Seat Actuators

Our Maintenance Shops:
Fuel Shop | Cleaning Shop | Welding Shop | Heat Treatment Shop
Machining, Grinding and Finishing Shop | NDT

Our Capability List


Component MRO Tester Design & Manufacturing

SERVOHYD has considerable capability in design and manufacturing wide range of Test Benches, Simulators and Advanced Systems. Such products can be categorized as followed:

  • Functional Test Benches
  • Environmental Test Benches
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Various Simulators
  • Process Automation and Control Systems
  • Power Packs and Power Units
  • Power Transmission Systems

Our team have a wide experience on successfully performing numerous projects on advanced test equipment for Electromechanical, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Fuel systems where the products has been used on Aircraft, Aerospace, Oil&Gas and other high-tech industries. Also they have a superb knowledge on measuring devices for Linear and Rotational Displacement, Speed and Acceleration, Fluid Pressure and Flow Rate, Temperature and such physical quantities, that is vital to design and manufacture a precise, proficient and user friendly system for testing and evaluation of a product of any kind. All our Test Systems provided with full automatic Data Acquisition System.

Component MRO Consultancy & Practical Training

SERVOHYD has stablished an effective consultancy and Part 145 requirements practical training services to its client staff. Component MRO personnel training, Preparation of MOE, Implementation, Internal Audit and Achieving MOA; are our instructional team services for practical consultancy and training on component maintenance MRO. Our aim is to support you to deliver a long term consultancy and practical training for component MRO.