Giving Idea

• Identifying the needs of consumer and finding the deficiencies of same and available designs
• Collecting, studying and grouping all of the available documents and information such as standards, articles and the same productions
• Giving ideas and conceptualizing by means of methods such as, Trigger word, Brain storm, morphological chart and Mind mapping…

Manufacturing and Production Department

Manufacturing and production department with the help of systematic processes has researched, studied and finally recognized the given part and with development of processes has achieved the process of high- tech production.
Recognition and analysis of raw material in accordance with production process.
Drawingscompletion for sample production
Sample production and performance of operational tests

Material & Metallurgy Services

Finishing Treatment

  • Heat Treatment (Under Vacuum (Stainless Steel such as AISI 4xx), Protective Atmosphere (Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steel), Induction & …)
  • CoatingandProtection Against Corrosion (Anodizing, Passivation, Electro polishing, Painting, Phosphate, Electroless Nickel & …)

Joining & Forming Process

  • Welding (GTAW, GMAW, SMAW & …)
  • Brazing & Soldering (Vacuum Brazing with BAU Filler Metal, Protective Atmosphere with BNi Filler Metal, Induction Brazing with Ag Filler Metal & …)
  • Casting (Sand Casting, Investment Casting & …)
  • Forging

Quality Control & Inspection (VT, PT, UT, MT & …)

Production Development and Evaluation

Science, experience, equipment, and creation effective connection between them are precious capitals which have led to development and evolution of production process of the our company.