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About Us

SERVOHYD was established in 2008 and soon became a knowledge-based company. Today SERVOHYD is a knowledge-based company in 13 different fields according to the recent survey of the Vice Presidency of Science, Technology and Knowledge-based Economy Organization (ISTI) of Iran.

In the beginning, SERVOHYD used reverse engineering methods to produce servo components such as Servo Actuators and Servo Valves according to the customers’ request. Nowadays, SERVOHYD can directly design very complicated hydraulic and pneumatic parts.

SERVOHYD got its Maintenance Organization Exposition (MOE) in 2018 from the Civil Aviation Organization (CAO) of Iran. At the moment the MRO Capability List of SERVOHYD has more than 50 different types of jet engines as well as Lycoming Engines components in it, whereas it covers close to 1000 technical part numbers.

At the moment SERVOHYD is one of the leading companies in the field of MRO in Iran and continues to grow its capability and capacity in different related branches.

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